At DSG our processes are designed to meet the highest of standards, ensuring your product’s integrity is maintained, with the guarantee that it reaches your customer in prime condition.

We’re proud of our skilled, experienced and committed team members – all dedicated to delivering service excellence. We implement ongoing training and learning initiatives, and constantly review and assess quality control processes – ensuring we remain at the forefront of best practice.

We are equipped to provide whatever level of quality inspection you require – 100% inspection, metal detection, x-ray inspection, weight checks etc.

We conform to the following standards and codes of quality:

  • BRC Certification with AA rating – recognised worldwide, this accreditation is your guarantee that our quality, safety and operational standards meet the BRC criteria.
  • BRC Module 12 – AOECS Gluten-Free Module – completed as part of the annual BRC Audit, this certification is confirms that the standards we apply to our gluten-free mixing, filling and packing services, meet all technical requirements of the Association of European Coeliac Society.
  • HACCP – For total food safety and integrity, all DSG food safety management procedures have been designed and are implemented according to HACCP principles.
  • Organic Trust – As a company accredited by the Organic Trust, you can be sure that all products labelled with the Organic Trust logo have been produced and packaged to comply with strict organic standards.
  • Quality Key Element Programme – To ensure all aspects of quality are controlled, monitored and continuously improved, we run our own in-house programme, which we believe goes beyond ISO 22000.


Four key pillars govern our commitment to quality:

* Maintaining and ongoing improving of standards
* Daily monitoring and measuring
* Total awareness of quality factors
* QA initiatives to drive improvement